Elevate is building the most powerful online marketplace for highly skilled professionals who believe that working for themselves is the ultimate form of job satisfaction.

Be part of Generation Skill. This rising breed of independent contractors are in greater demand than ever before as companies seek to hire the best talent.

No longer hunt for contracts, with Elevate, the work finds you. That’s the way it should be.

Our Philosophy

Elevate Direct combines innovative recruitment technology with experienced recruitment professionals in order to help our clients source, hire and manage the right workers at the right time for their businesses. By taking this approach organisations both large and small can save time and money when sourcing their contractors.

Meet the Team

Our CEO, Dan Collier, has spent fifteen years in recruitment, understanding how the sector works and where it could improve. Our CTO, Michael Delaney, has used his technical expertise in web development and architecture to construct a platform that makes those improvements a reality.

  • pic.personDanCollier2

    Dan Collier

    Dan has worked for both staffing and recruitment agencies as well as in-house for a boutique consultancy. At Elevate he is responsible for business development and ensuring our offering remains customer focussed. Dan started Elevate because “organisations have transitioned permanent hiring to a direct model brilliantly, now it is time for contingent hiring to catch up. The Elevate proposal as a whole or the individual components deliver one of - if not the most - compelling contingent recruitment platforms in the world today. And we have only just got started.”

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    Michael Delaney

    Michael has 13 years’ experience in design, development and delivery of large scale enterprises and web platforms. As an IT contractor himself for many years he is absolutely clear as to why he is so passionate about Elevate. He experienced “little value from existing contract recruitment suppliers. Milestones that have been reached in technical innovation mean that we can replace the broker model with a far more inspiring and appealing way to manage your career.”

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    James Griffin

    James offers 12 years’ experience in the wider recruitment industry, having worked for agencies and boutique consultancies and spent time out of the industry working in IT. He joined Elevate at the very beginning - both as an employee and investor - and is currently focused on improving operational efficiencies and ensuring that the service delivery meets clients’ expectations. James believes that “the landscape for recruitment has never looked so interesting. When you couple the drive for leaner and more efficient recruitment models alongside the SaaS and cloud revolution you end up with the perfect storm for disruptive technology success.”

Our Investors

  • tom-teichman

    Tom Teichman

    Tom has a keen eye for investing in technology start-ups with numerous successes, such as lastminute.com, mergermarket.com and Touch Clarity, to his name. Today, he sits on the boards of well-known brands moshimonsters.com, notonthehighstreet.com, barmate and Kobalt Music Group, amongst others. The companies Tom has backed have exited for a total of well over £1 billion. He combines his awareness of the capital markets and the M&A environments with that of entrepreneurial, rapid growth companies that have mould-breaking ideas. Elevate are now proud to have Tom on-board as investor and Chairman, offering considerable steer and influence to the dynamic management team already in place.

  • sir-john-hegarty

    Sir John Hegarty

    ‘Vorsprung durch technik” is a slogan synonymous with Sir John Hegarty, because it’s a slogan he wrote. As an advertising pioneer he has brought many well-known advertising campaigns to life, including Nick Kamen and an unknown Brad Pitt stripping to their boxer shorts in a launderette for Levis. Sir John has won numerous awards and was awarded a Knighthood by the Queen in 2007 in recognition of his services to the advertising and creative industries. Elevate is delighted that someone of Sir John’s stature and insight would choose to invest in our idea and business.

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    Chris Morrow

    Chris is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background of working with early stage technology businesses. He also started his own recruitment company which he grew to 200 people before selling it to Parity Group plc. Chris was one of the first two investors in Elevate and has played a significant role in mentoring the Elevate founders as they built the business during its early years. He believes that “the Elevate idea is validated by the huge transition of recruitment insourcing that we are seeing in the industry. Employers require the right tools to reach their recruitment objectives and Elevate complements that strategy perfectly.”