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    How much are you worth? Setting your day rate as an IT contractor

    “Hard-working, talented IT contractor, day rate = £XXX. Seeking attractive prospects for potential ongoing relationships. Drinks and maybe more?”   Promoting yourself as an IT contractor isn’t too far from placing a personal ad on a dating site. The major difference is that “drinks and maybe more” isn’t the outcome…

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  • contractor jobs

    Contract or perm? Your next big employment decision

    What did you watch on Netflix last night? Maybe you binged on some ‘Breaking Bad’, or watched that new Adam Sandler remake of ‘Pretty Woman’ in which he plays every single character.* Or maybe you came to the conclusion that you’ve now exhausted the Netflix catalogue. It was fun for…

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  • Austin, Texas

    Government hand-picks Elevate Direct for SXSW panel

    Elevate Direct is attending the iconic South by SouthWest (SXSW) event in Austin, Texas, at the invitation of the Department for International Trade (DfIT). Elevate CEO, Dan Collier, is joining a panel discussion hosted by the DfIT as part of its ‘Innovation is Great’ campaign, which showcases successful British tech…

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