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  • AI

    How will AI impact recruitment? Catch up with our webinar

    You can barely move these days for someone talking about Artificial Intelligence. ‘Should AI have human rights?’, ‘AI hunts for Milky Way turbo stars’ and ‘Wimbledon launches AI to reshape tennis coverage’ are just a few recent, wonderful headlines. Regardless of the titles, however, the fact remains that AI is…

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  • data visualisation

    Product Update: Data Visualisation of Skills & Ranking

    We've just released a huge improvement to the interface for applicants, in our first attempt to visualise a candidate's skills and relevance to your requirement. The new UI also tells you why an applicant is at the top, or the bottom, of the ranked list. It's a big deal.  …

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  • Elevate
  • shutterstock_656110282

    What does AI mean for talent acquisition?

    One of the most talked-about trends in technology and policy circles is the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, for example, the Financial Times recently talked about how AI was disrupting law, and the Economist talked about social attitudes and policy attitudes to AI.   Well currently, most companies…

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  • Contractor Signup

    Roger Clements joins Elevate Direct

    We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Roger Clements to the Elevate Board.   Roger joined the company Board from Alexander Mann Solutions where, as Head of Sales – Europe, he managed and executed growth strategy across the continent. Roger brings with him a strong and enviable track record in…

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  • Smart cities

    Machine learning in recruitment isn’t coming, it’s here

    When we started Elevate 7 yrs ago, we had a vision for what we thought might be a simple app that connected people with jobs. It is easy, it’s a simple problem right: here’s some jobs, here’s some people, away we go, and boom, we’re all successful internet entrepreneurs...little did…

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  • shutterstock_600836126 (1)

    How much are you worth? Setting your day rate as an IT contractor

    “Hard-working, talented IT contractor, day rate = £XXX. Seeking attractive prospects for potential ongoing relationships. Drinks and maybe more?”   Promoting yourself as an IT contractor isn’t too far from placing a personal ad on a dating site. The major difference is that “drinks and maybe more” isn’t the outcome…

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  • contractor jobs

    Contract or perm? Your next big employment decision

    What did you watch on Netflix last night? Maybe you binged on some ‘Breaking Bad’, or watched that new Adam Sandler remake of ‘Pretty Woman’ in which he plays every single character.* Or maybe you came to the conclusion that you’ve now exhausted the Netflix catalogue. It was fun for…

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