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5 Essential Resources for Contractors

5 Resources for Contractors - Elevate Direct

At Elevate Direct we do what we can to help contractors progress their careers.

That’s why we’ve searched the web to bring you 5 websites any contractor should think about bookmarking.   Whether you’re looking for tax tips, legal and accounting services, or simply want to keep up to date with the latest contractor industry related news, you’ll find it on one of these sites.  So here we go in no particular order:

1)      Contractor UK            

You could be an experienced contractor, or you could be a first timer, either way if you’re an IT contractor then Contractor UK is the site for you. A variety of information on contractor news, mortgages, legislation, managing expenses, jobs and contracting abroad is at your fingertips.

2)      Contractor Weekly    

Don’t miss your weekly fix of contractor tax & business news.  A host of resources regarding contractor’s guides, insurance and finance are available. Be sure to check out the ‘Popular Articles’ section and the ‘Top Providers’ list of contractor vendors.

3)      Contract Calculator   

Thinking about contracting?  Wondering how much you could earn? Check out Contractor Calculator.  With no less than 20 different contractor calculators, you’ll have no excuse for working out how to attain that desired income!

4)      Freelance Advisor     

In their own words “Freelance Advisor is written and run by freelancers and contractors for freelancers and contractors”.  Authentic content brought to you by your peers, don’t forget to check out the ‘Recommend Reading’ and ‘Reader Offers’ columns.

5)        IT Contracting          

Struggling to find the time to stay up to date with the latest IT contracting news?  Then visit IT Contracting.  Their concise weekly roundups make this the ideal source of contractor information for you.

That’s our roundup of 5 essential resources for contractors. Are you currently looking for your next contract? Then log into Elevate Direct and find your next contract!

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