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  • Contingent Worker Summit Day 2

    Will Your CW Programme Stand the Test of Time

    Reflections on day 2 of the Contingent Workforce Strategies Summit, Europe 2015. As day two progressed it was clear that the intensity from day one was still there but the pace had dropped a little. I did wonder how many delegates might be missing early sessions after attending late night…

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  • CWS Summit 2015 Day 1

    Where we are going we don’t need roads, or HR

    Reflections on day 1 of the Contingent workforce strategies summit, Europe 2015 Bryan Pena from Staffing Industry Analysts kicked off CWS Summit 2015 in Amsterdam this week with a passionate keynote address to an expectant delegate and vendor audience. He massaged a few egos and complimented the industry at large…

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    Elevate partners with ‘HiredByMe’ to enhance contingent hiring

    London, April 15th 2015 - Elevate, the UK based recruiting platform, designed to streamline companies hiring of contingent talent, is today pleased to announce a partnership with another London based start-up; HiredByMe. HiredByMe is a complementary service to the Elevate platform, allowing organisations looking for both career skills validation and…

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  • Hire programmer

    Does London have the best programming talent in the world?

    'If you had to name the best place in the world to find top programmer talent, you’d probably say California, right?' That's the quetion akef at the beginning of this great piece of research from Venturebeat.  It provides an analysis of a popular coding Q&A platform to determine which countries…

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  • cws-summit-europe-2014

    CWS Summit 2015, and the Future of Recruitment

      Elevate is sponsoring the Contingent Workforce Summit 2015 in Amsterdam and it is a big deal. It’s a big deal to us, but we will come back to that later, it’s also a very big deal to the contingent staffing industry as a whole. Buyers, sellers, planners and vendors…

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  • iqn-intergration

    IQNavigator Integration – What Does it Mean?

    Our original vision for Elevate; to connect Contractors with Jobs directly, cutting out the middleman is beginning to become a reality. Up to now, the majority of our customers have been small agile companies, with very little barrier to entry for us. They’d happily come along, sign up, and more…

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  • 1772041

    7 In-Demand IT Contractor Skills For 2015

    2014 has been an incredible year for the IT sector, with growth and demand of IT skills skyrocketing further than it has in the past fifteen years. This demand is more than anyone could have anticipated, and it is a genuinely exciting time for IT professionals as well as for…

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